Case 7


A student named Luciano Russo writes a research paper on the effects of second-hand smoke on children.


Smoking Does More Harm Than Good
By Luciano Russo


Throughout the United States many people continue to smoke and by doing so are causing further harm on those around them. Those who continue to smoke especially around children are putting their health at risk. According to the CDC secondhand smoke causes more frequent ear infections, severe asthma attacks, respiratory symptoms and infections, as well as a greater risk for sudden infant death syndrome in children.


While looking over this studentís paper the professor suspects the information, which isnít common knowledge, came from somewhere other than the students own thoughts and ideas. This made the professor look further on the internet and this is what she foundÖ



Did Luciano plagiarize? Prepare to explain your decision to the class.



Case Study Written by Nicole Watson, 2013